Guide to the Good Lifebb

In life we all need someone to give us good advice – in our case it was ‘Grandpa’ Frank.

Chris’ dad, Frank Taylor, lived a very long and happy life. Frank was married to Edna for 72 years and passed away aged 99 in 2016 just 29 days after her.

A few years ago we asked him what his secret was – we would like to share his advice with you.


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Importance of financial planningbb

As we go through life we experience many significant milestones, from starting a job to buying a first home. Our finances play an important role in the key stages of our lives and can help us to achieve some of our goals. It makes sense to have a financial plan.

For some people, money is a topic they do not understand well and so the easy option is to do nothing and hope for the best.

The better approach is to take control of your future and make financial planning a central part of your life.

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