Financial Planning

Our financial planning service helps us understand your financial position, needs and goals.

From this initial assessment, we can research and report on the most suitable options so you can plan for the future.

Our service is highly personalised and follows the Certified Financial Planner’s industry standard six step financial planning process.

This means that once we’ve analysed your circumstances, we can prepare a financial strategy unique to you and your objectives.

Our financial planning services will help you by:

  • Reviewing your current portfolio
  • Explaining the different types of products available
  • Recommending an investment plan to suit your situation and attitude to risk
  • Utilising powerful cashflow planning software to project your financial future and show you first-hand how various life events will impact your future income and expenses. See our video below for an introduction to the basics of cashflow planning
  • Showing you the most tax efficient ways to invest

Once we’ve compiled your financial strategy, you have the choice of taking the plan away with you and putting it into action yourself, or you can ask us to implement it for you.

If you would like more information about our financial planning service, please call Chris Taylor on 01204 365165 or email