Pension options

Jeff and Marina Lang

Jeff: “Four or five years ago, we were looking at our situation and looking at my pension and at the government’s Lifetime Allowance; they were starting to reduce that. I was already at the limit of the Lifetime Allowance and, if they reduced it, then I would have been over that.

When we started to talk about that, we realised that we should probably start taking it at 58 rather than waiting till I was 60 because, I thought, I’m going to have to live to 90 to break even. So, we started to take the pension scheme and that involved taking quite a significant lump sum. And therefore, we needed some financial advice.

It was quite a fluke how we got Taylor & Taylor. We’d already had financial advisers previously. We were using one who was in Preston but wanted someone a bit more local. We just looked up on for Taylor & Taylor, and thought, ‘hmm, we used someone similar with that name as a solicitor in the past in Horwich, maybe there’s a link there?’ Absolutely no link whatsoever!”

Marina: “It was a very lucky fluke!”

Jeff: “It was a fluke. We just got in touch with them and we’ve never looked back really. We’ve been very pleased.

Taylor & Taylor have differed from other financial advisers. For me, it’s a very personal relationship. And it’s not just Chris and Ross, it’s the whole team. Whenever I ring up here, it’s very friendly; they want to resolve your issues.

The thing I like about them is that they’ll explain the products and the investment options in very simple language. Chris is forever checking, ‘have you fully understood that?’. He makes sure you’ve understood. It’s easy to get into the jargon. I’m used to it because I’m dealing with it on a day-to-day basis with work, but what they’ve done is made it simple.

Because it’s our pension, because it’s our savings, we’re really reliant on them being a safe pair of hands. We meet them with a company that they use for the investments as well, they come up from London. The reports that we get and the reviews that we do means that we are much more confident in our money going forward.

We see Ross and Chris on an annual basis, but if there are any other issues that we want to review with them, I just make the call and we come in and see them. They’re very good at making themselves available.”

Marina: “I feel very comfortable talking to Chris and Ross. They really put you at ease. We’re very comfortable with them and we’ve been very happy with the service that they give.

I think Ross is a chip off the old block. He’s just so like his dad. He’s a lovely person, so enthusiastic.”

Jeff: “If you were to describe Taylor & Taylor, you think about integrity, trust, reassurance, and that’s what you want from financial advice. Our previous financial advisers have been sort of hands-off when we’ve been to see them; it’s been about ticking boxes. It’s very personal with Chris and Ross. It’s a personalised service, and as I said before, it’s not just them; it’s the whole team I find very helpful.”

Marina: “The best thing about Taylor & Taylor is that I just feel so relaxed and comfortable when I come to see them. And I trust them.”

Jeff: “Have I recommended Taylor & Taylor to other people? Absolutely. I’ve recommended them to my family. We’ve got four children so there’s lots of them! And also, to friends as well.

I know our eldest daughter and son-in-law have been to see them about pension advice, and I know two or three friends who have been in to see them as well. One of them is now a client of Chris and Ross, and the other one is talking to them now and coming in to see them again about pension advice. So yes, we’ve recommended them and yes, they’ve done it.

The reason I recommended them is their trustworthiness, their integrity and professionalism. They’re a great pair.”


If you were to describe Taylor & Taylor, you think about integrity, trust, reassurance, and that’s what you want from financial advice… it’s a personalised service.

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