Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on decades of academic research which clearly demonstrates the most effective ways to invest and manage money.

Our fundamental principles are as follows:

The only certainty is uncertainty

The financial news only serves to knock people off their financial plans. Nothing about markets is guaranteed – we only move from one period of uncertainty to the next – and therefore we seek to control what is within our means.

Supervising investment behaviour is important

Investors can sometimes be their own worst enemy. A large part of our value resides in managing our clients’ investment behaviour. One of the main risks associated with investing is not how much your investments go up and down, but your emotional response to these market movements. The dominant factor in long-term, real-life financial outcomes is not ‘investment performance’; it’s investor behaviour. It is our role to guide you in making the right choices to optimise your chances of success.

Market predictions are insignificant

To a large extent, we do not attempt to analyse current events or perceived threats to markets. Instead, we patiently stick to the long-term plan and ride out short-term volatility. There is significant evidence to support this approach and show that it really works.

The value of partnership

We will work with you in a long-term professional partnership, where trust is at the very heart of what we do together. We won’t sugar coat things and will always be honest with you so that you can make the most of your money and your life.

We believe:

  • A consistent, disciplined approach is key to long-term investment success
  • Transparency with fees and charges is important
  • Your attitude to financial risk should come first and foremost in any investment

We don’t believe:

  • That we can predict when the market is going to go up and down
  • That we can consistently achieve investment returns that outperform the rest of the market by choosing individual stocks and funds
  • In having transactional relationships based on product sales with our clients

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